Sami's Earthstone Gifts

Gemstones, beads, and more...

We've loved every minute of our journey. Hard work is the result of Sami's Earthstone Gifts. Long hours, and endless nights building and setting up the gift shop are some of the sacrifices made to build a dream of one family who struggled most of their lives in a place where hope is far from reach and difficult to succeed. With their strong will and courage to be successful, thus is the result of the biggest little gemstone in Southern Alberta.

Sami's Earthstone Gifts is the only one of it's kind in Southern Alberta. From gemstone beads to gemstone jewelry, and fossils and minerals from around the world. We carry a wide variety of items, and do custom orders on traditional native artwork/ beadwork. Customer satisfaction is a high priority in the business, and we take that extra step to achieve customer satisfaction.   

Newest Giftshop In Southern Alberta

Come check out the newest gemstone and bead store in the west. Were located on Hiway 5 heading west to Waterton Lakes National Park just across 7 street west in Cardston.
Feel free to stop in and browse the newest gift shop in town. The nostalgic look inside and out gives the shop character, and if something catches your eye don't hesitate to ask, everything has a story behind it. We will answer any questions you may have, and welcome you even if it's just to say "hi".

Happy Customers

You will feel the heart-warming welcome of the shop when you enter the door. Inside is over whelming with crystals and minerals, as well as antiques throughout that give the shop it's unique character. You will experience the elements of the crystals and minerals, and to be able to have these in your home is an experience in itself. We have gifts for all ages as well as corporate gifts. We guarantee what we sell is unique and from around the world. We bring genuine items from around the world into your home, for you to enjoy.